Home Theater & Whole Home Audio

With a home theater from Picture Perfect, your entertainment experience can be customized exactly as you like it. You get to determine which features you value most and must have in your dedicated private cinema. In many cases, a theater installed by Picture Perfect turns out to be a lot better than the one you go to down the street. Our team can provide you with top-of-the-line products and finishes, even designing and creating custom pieces that make your space stand out from the rest.

Our home theater installation package includes the following features:

Surround Sound System Calibration – You want sound that jolts you out of your seat, is as close to the original recording as possible, and envelops you in the scene on the screen. We can do all of that for you and more by arranging your speakers, installing them in the ceilings or the walls, and calibrating your system so that it works perfectly. We’ll add panels and get the right furniture to create the appropriate acoustics–and we won’t stop until you are satisfied.

4K Projector and Screen Installation – We have the latest in picture technology, and that includes 4K Ultra High Definition projectors and televisions. This new technology offers four times the resolution of a 1080p, and therefore delivers the most incredible footage you’ve ever seen. Vivid colors will catapult you into another world as you relax and enjoy your favorite films and games at home. We’ll work with you to pick the right location and install a set-up that fits your needs and desires.

Custom Woodworking Services – We can create anything you can imagine by working with our local CNC, precision wood cutting shop to craft it. To create a memorable theater, we can design and make wood trim, moldings, décor, signs, frames around screens and TVs, speaker enclosures, sconces, stair steps, sound paneling and more!

Interior Design and Furnishings – Maybe you want a Star Wars-themed spaceship, or a Hawaiian paradise—whichever theme you pick we can help you achieve it by selecting the right furniture, displays, and artwork. Every piece will work together to create the ultimate entertainment experience, so we’ll make sure your furnishings not only look beautiful but blend in with the rest of the audiovisual equipment as well.

Control System Integration – Your home theater’s controls are just as important as the traditional equipment like speakers and screens. We’ll make sure the system is simple and easy-to-use for everyone you are close to, and integrate it with the rest of the technology systems in your home so that everything works seamlessly. If you are new to automation, we’ll do a training with you to show you how to work the system and make add-ons if necessary.